Your Kitchen Will Smell Pleasantly and There Will Be No Flies Anymore: You Have No Idea How Easy This Trick is- it Will Change Your Life!

Sometimes, even when you thoroughly clean your kitchen, a weird odor, due to the smell of garlic and onion, still persists by pervading not only in your hands, but in the air as well.

Most of the time, these, and similar odors, can be very strong and somewhat annoying. What’s more, nobody likes to have bad odor in their homes. Therefore, we are going to present a fascinating trick that will help you eliminate the bad odors in your home, office, and any other enclosed space.

A kitchen with a pleasant smell after cleaning brings peace, joy, and serenity.


  • An empty spray bottle
  • 3 tbsp of fabric softener
  • 3 cups of hot water
  • One tbsp of baking soda


First, you need to add the 3 tbsp of fabric softener to the empty spray bottle. Then, add the 3 cups of hot water to the spray bottle. At the end, add the baking soda. After you have added all of the ingredients, shake the bottle vigorously and spray a bit of the content on a test area to make sure not to spot a particular area that you plan to spray.

Spray the content in a high place for ventilation and onto the kitchen areas you clean. Moreover, you can also use it in other rooms as well. Your guests will be amazed with its pleasant fragrance.