You Won’t Believe it But this Woman is 83 Years Old: Find Out the Secret of Her Youthful Appearance

Without doubt, age is not an obstacle for Joan Collins, 83. She is a successful woman glowing with self-confidence and plenty of energy. At the age of 18 she was pronounced as the most beautiful woman in England. Today, she is in her ninth decade but still manages to take care of her vitality and appearance.

She follows certain beauty rules. Concerning her style, she claims that she doesn’t pay attention to age and that clothes are her passion. She loves to wear leather skirts and when she wants to, she puts on a bikini as well. She likes to wear what fits her the most, without blindly following trends.

She adds that it’s crucial to love your body regardless of whether you have surplus pounds or not. What’s important is to emphasize your qualities, that is, for example, if you have beautiful and nourished hands, put on some nice jewelry and attractive nail polish. Moreover, if you are a woman with a wider lower body part, avoid lucre clothes.

Joan adds that she uses vitamin E and omega oil for strong and voluminous hair. Also, she says that eating fruits, veggies, and fish is crucial for the maintenance of the hair’s health and the overall health as well. She explains that she eats chocolate from time to time because she believes moderation is the key to everything. She also exercises regularly. When it comes to makeup, she only uses eyelash extensions, lip gloss, and some blush. Her mother was a dancer, so she got her beautiful legs from her.