You Will Definitely Be Terrified When You Learn All The Health Problems That Can Be Caused By Wearing An Ordinary Bra

Bras are not at all comfortable and all women know that. Bras are made with or without wires, also they are made of different materials and in dimensions. They help women to increase their self-confidence. However recent studies have shown that bras can even be very harmful.

Surely there is no better thing than coming home after a hard day of work and removing your bra. And women are convinced that wearing bras make them look younger and help them to prevent breast relaxation and get rid of their back pain. However according to the latest research conducted by Jean-Denis Ruilon, French professor, bras are not necessary, and in most of the cases they can be very harmful. Namely wearing a bra all the time you are not letting your breasts grow as much as they should.

“If young women do not wear bras, this will lead to increased production of collagen, which will make your breast’s elasticity. This will also make your breasts look firmer.” – Said Dr. Stafford Brodmand about this study.