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You Know This Exercise From Your Childhood: But Do You Know What It Can Do To Your Body For 2 Minutes A Day ?

This exercise will help you look excellent in any bikini or jeans. In addition this amazing exercise will strengthen your muscles, prevent injuries and your body will work better.

One of the best ways to stretch your muscles is do this exercise, widely known as the bridge.

Here are 3 reasons why you need to add this so called bridge exercise to your list of training exercises:

Reduces Back Pain

This is an effective remedy for back pain. By practicing the bridge exercise every day you will be able to activate the glutes. If you have spent most of your day sitting, then you should definitely do this exercise, it will help you a lot.

Reduces knee pain

If arthritis is a common condition in your family, then we highly recommend that you practice this exercise, because this exercise will help your reduce the risk of it. The pain will disappear in few weeks.

Better sports results

Strong glutes are very important for your energy, which you surely need especially if you are an athlete. This exercise will help you strengthen the gluteus and you will have more energy out on the field.

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