Woman Gives Birth To 11 Babies WITHOUT C-Section

The doctors were astonished by this amazing miracle. Namely one 42 year old woman gave birth to 11 healthy babies.

According to the hospital report, after only 2 hours in labor, Mariyah Fernandez gave birth to 11 healthy babies. This woman explained why her husband and she decided to try in vitro fertilization. Namely Mariyah was having difficulties getting pregnant.

However after the successful in vitro fertilization, her husband and she had more than one baby. This woman gave birth to 11 babies, and the amazing thing is that she gave birth to all of the babies WITHOUT C-Section.

Namely Mariyah gave birth to 11 baby boys. Sixof these boys were identical twins weighting from 1-1.5 pound. Right now all of them are in the neonatal intensive care department in stable condition at Riley Children’s Hospital.

The doctors say they were very happy that this woman had smooth delivery without caesarian section. This amazed them and shocked them even more.

According to Dr. William Roberts, the babies literally came out one after another. He stated that only 37 minutes passed from the time when the first one came out to the eleventh.

Mariyah Fernandez and her family will almost certainly be registered in the 2015 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records. Because as soon as Mariyah gave birth to 11 healthy boys, the hospital contacted the people from the Guinness Book of World Records.

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