Why Is It Good To Stand On Your Head? (Video)

“The moment he sat up and began to think, the Homo sapiens was definitely separated from the animal species, but from there on, the health problems began.”

An interesting and witty remark by Dr. Deitmar Dorbandt, a German Yogi. His thesis is illustrated by a series of examples, starting from problems with venous circulation. Venous circulation functions well for people who are moving enough, but for intellectuals, who sit too much, the muscle contraction are insufficient to ensure normal speed of blood flow through the veins, which causes accumulation of venous blood in the legs and poor circulation in the abdomen.

But the problems for these “sitting intellectual” doesn’t end there. Due to the lack of movement the circulation in the arteries is hampered.

The “lowering” of certain organs can be a source of severe functional disorders.Yoga followers claim that doing regular exercises, like standing on your head can solve this problem without surgery. Because most doctors still reject this possibility, we’ll have to wait for medicine to give a definitive answer.

Japanese judoka Hisashi Tsuzawa, a world champion, used this technique before a fight to sink increase concentration. When a doctor told him he could lose blood from the muscles of the extremities this way, Tsuzawa said: “Maybe, but the fight is won with our brain.”

Yogi Doctors claim that this way you can improve brain function, and remove numerous vascular spasms that cause headaches.So, it’s no wonder this exercise is called the “queen of all exercises”.

Video By: Kino Yoga