White Spots On The Teeth Need To Be Taken Seriously And Here’s Why

If you notice white chalky dots on the milk teeth of your child, you need to take it to the dentist immediately.

This could be a symptom of early caries, which is the most common chronic disease in the childhood.

It is said that asthma is the most common chronic disease in children, but tooth decay is five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever.

At this stage you can help the child and stop this process, which leads to the development of severe dental caries.

In adults, chalky white dots on the teeth, especially if they are located near the gums are the first visible sign that the tooth is starting to develop caries.

These white dot are formed when the minerals are beginning to stand out from the outer surface of the tooth (enamel). If the bacteria in your mouth have been exposed to carbohydrates, such as sugar, then they start to secrete acid, which attacks the structure of tooth enamel.

At this stage, the decay process can be stopped and reversed. You can even do this at your home. Namely you can apply fluoride to the white dots on your teeth, using fluorocarbons creams or toothpaste that you can buy anywhere, and you can reduce the number of meals during the day. This will help the tooth to heal itself.

Therefore if you see a white spot on the tooth of your child, you should take him to the dentist for review.

Ask your dentist what you can change to reduce further tooth decay and protect the teeth of your child in the future.