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Unexpected Body Parts That Give Immense Pleasure. #7 Is Surprising!

7. The Nips

Everyone knows that a nipple play can drive a woman crazy, but you need to do it right. Namely when you play with her nipples, oxytocin is released in her brain, which can create a much stronger orgasm.

6. The Thigh

Even though her inner thighs are rarely touched, she will go wild if you touch them. This is mainly due to their proximity with her genitals.

5. Belly Button

Many women have never had their belly button licked, sucked and played with. Do this and you will change her life forever.

4. Toe Sucking

Suck and lick her toes. She may never expect this from you, but believe us, this will surely drive her crazy!

3. Earlobe

The earlobe is one of the spots that can drive crazy both, men and women. Therefore try it on her and see if she likes it.

2. Neck

Due to the skin being extremely thin in that area, we can say that the neck is a very sensitive place, which is why you must kiss her there!

1. Her Nose

At this point you need to know that most of your facial nerves end at the nose. Therefore we can freely say that kissing and licking her nose will surely drive her crazy immediately.

Source: FHFN