Unbelievably accurate: Nostradamus’s wheel of fortune reveals the future and says that there are no coincidences!

Michel de Nostredame, known as Nostradamus, was an astrologist, doctor, and alchemist, but he became known to the world because of his prophecies. These predictions came true in the past and they’re coming true even today, with exceptional accuracy.

He wrote his prophecies in metaphors and he also created his own wheel of fortune. You just need to close your eyes, concentrate on what you want to ask the wheel of fortune, and point your finger toward it. The number your finger is on, will give you the answer.


Take a look:

1. Yes. You’re a person who is always calm, even in the most difficult situations. Therefore, don’t give up on finding the solution to your problems, since you have patience and endurance. Success will soon follow and most importantly, learn to trust yourself, but others as well.

2. Yes. But not today or tomorrow. Someone is standing on your way and they’re trying to confuse you, but, don’t pay too much attention, just avoid conflict. Try to find a positive solution to what you’re struggling with.

3. Yes. The events in the upcoming week will exceed your expectations. If you start to use your energy wisely, without spending it on trivial matters, you’ll have advantage. Also, be patient with yourself, but with others as well.

4. Yes. It appears that fortune is smiling upon you. Therefore, you have no reason for doubt. Happiness will follow you this period. Enjoy the following weeks.

5. Yes. This period, you’re paying too much attention to what others think and therefore, you’re missing out. Don’t wait too long and allow others to see that your opinion needs to be respected. Avoid tactical moves that can lead to misbelieve and have a negative effect on mutual trust.

6. Things will be more difficult than you’ve expected. People have a different view on your misconceptions. So, listen to your friend’s advice or the advice of your family member and avoid succumbing to false hopes.

7. For now, there is no solution to your problem. Give yourself time and don’t fill your head with other, additional problems. Try to enjoy the moment and things will resolve with time. If you’re too worried, try the wheel of fortune in one week.

8. Tread carefully. Try not to believe everything you’re being told. Maintain your distance in certain aspects. Be careful and watch out for possible disappointments.

9. With certainty. However, you will need help. Talk to a good friend about the problems you’re facing because they’re objective and a fresh pair of eyes.

10. Yes. But don’t allow this to mislead you. Show your self-confidence and assertiveness and everything will be perfect. Rely more on your intuition and in this way you will avoid even the smallest disappointment.

11. Too soon. Leave this question for later and be more tolerant. You will be appreciated because of this.

12. The possibility is high. Everything is moving very fast and in a positive direction, and, you should pay attention: someone is honestly trying to become your friend.

13. Everything you imagined will come true, but in a different way. This may confuse your closest ones because they may think of you as an unpredictable individual, which isn’t always beneficial. Stop being indecisive-you’re more loved than you think.

14. Everything will be alright. But just if you take action. However, avoid postponing and take the initiative in your hands. Surprise everyone with your efficiency and the richness of ideas.

15. Yes. You can rely on your luck. A positive change waits for you. Don’t do anything, just wait for the moment. Rushing into things will lead you into the wrong direction and cause problems.

16. Everything will come true. But, differently than you’ve imagined. So, be ready for any type of changes and don’t concentrate on a single goal. Show flexibility and don’t reject arguments right away.

17. The issue remains opened. You need to think about your desires carefully, since your feelings are not completely mature. Therefore, you’re expecting too much from the other side. In the next couple of days, things will be the same. However, one happy circumstance may bring clarity; therefore, pay attention to your inner voice.

18. There can be difficulties. In the beginning, you will be disappointed, but this doesn’t mean that your chances are non-existing. On the contrary, the disappointment you will feel will contribute to a positive development. Your circle of friends is growing, becoming better and more stabile.

19. Anger and distrust are far away. However, if you don’t eliminate your own doubts soon, things may take the wrong turn. If luck isn’t on your side, the reason may be excessive humility and self-doubt. Leave them behind! Be more open and sociable.

20. Yes. In this moment, the luck is on your side. So, there is no reason to doubt in a favorable outcome. Happiness will be present for a longer period of time.

21. Yes. In order to completely fulfill your goal, you need to put in a little bit of effort. Be brave, take risks, and things will go as you wanted them to. Be careful about everything that’s going on around you and remember that there are no coincidences in this world.