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Try This Salty Tibetan Toothpaste and Improve Your Dental Health

The teeth of Tibetan monks remain healthy into old age, even in ancient times, when in the mountain regions no one even knew what a dentists was. Do you want to know their secret?

In half a cup of boiled and cooled water pour one tablespoon of coarse salt. Stir it vigorously with a spoon for about one minute and then remove the formed foam.

Using your toothbrush take some of the crystals, and wash your teeth with this mixture using conventional movements. Wash your teeth with this mixture in the morning and evening, after meals. Use the water from the same glass to rinse your teeth. This mixture makes your teeth become very white and it also strengthens the gums and gives them a pink color.

Do not despair if you will feel discomfort in the beginning: the salt water will increase the sensitivity of your teeth to cold and hot and sour-sweet. Your teeth will become more vulnerable because using this tooth paste you will remove little of the enamel from them.

By the way, this recipe will save you from buying very expensive pastes for sensitive teeth. This “salty” toothpaste, not only it destroys the pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity, but it also strengthens the tooth enamel in a very short time, “cementing” the cracks and the bumps on the teeth.