This Simple Recipe Will Remove The Wrinkles Around Your Eyes: Take An Ear Swab And…

The production of collagen decreases over the years, and therefore the skin on your face is relaxed, loosen and not as tight as it was in your 20s and early 30s. The most notable and maybe the first ones that appear are the wrinkles around your eyes.

So, the skin around the eye loses its elasticity and flexibility, therefore in addition to the wrinkles, dark circles around and bags under the eyes are created as well. All of these makes you look older.

Genetics is certainly the most deserving factor of this kind of aging. However your skin can easily be destroyed by stress, lack of sleep, insufficient care, unhealthy diet and unhealthy lifestyle in general.

Therefore, wrinkles, swollen eyelids, dark eye circles, and excess skin around the eyes is not only spoiling the aesthetic experience, but it also makes doing the make-up very difficult.

This recipe is very easy and simple that it is hard for you to believe in the efficacy of the same. However we assure you that this recipe will effectively remove the wrinkles around your eyes!

The only thing you need is one ingredient that you probably have in your kitchen and an ear swab!

For this amazing recipe you will need one egg white and the aforementioned ear swab.

First of all, you need to thoroughly clean your face of makeup and other impurities. Then exfoliate your face and apply a face moisturizer.

Then separate the egg white from the yolk. Soak the ear swab in the egg white and apply the egg white over your closed eyelids and the area where you have expressed wrinkles.

Wait at least 5 minutes until the egg is completely dried, then open your eyes.

If you want to speed up the process and not wait for the egg white to dry naturally, turn on the hair dryer and speed up the process.

Wash your face with lukewarm water and then again with cold water.

The egg white will not only reduce the already existing wrinkles but it will also prevent the appearance of new ones!

Repeat the process every day until you have reached the wanted results.