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This Is Why You Should Never Wear Hair Rubber Band On Your Wrist

All those who use hair rubber band have this habit, which according to almost all fashion critics, is not good for your look. According to many fashion critics, stylists and designers the small and minor details are the ones that complement the clothes.

This Is Why You Should Never Wear Hair Rubber Band On Your Wrist

A stylist in her interview said that if someone approached her on the street and asked her for a fashion advice, the first thing that she would say is:

“Hair rubber band is not a bracelet, therefore why are you wearing it on your wrist? Put it in your pocket, I know that the trouser pockets are extremely small and you cannot place many things in them, but you can surely fit your hair rubber band in them.

Do you have pockets? If not surely you have a bag, right? If not, then you must have awallet, or a desk drawer, or even something else where you can put your hair rubber band. In other words, put it anywhere, do with it whatever you want, just remove it from your wrist. You are probably wondering if other people can notice that what you are wearing on your wrist is not a bracelet, but a hair rubber band. The answer is yes, they can notice. How can you not notice a black line that cuts your wrist, and is often filled with torn hair?

This is a very bad and inappropriate habit and also it is not decent to carry a hair rubber band on your wrist anywhere you go. Plus many of us girls spend some time thinking about the right combination of clothes and then destroy the overall look with a small detail like this!