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THIS Is What Your Husband Is Actually Thinking About When He Looks At Another Woman

What Do You Think Of This?

What this video does, it increases my desire to find my identity and my security. I’ve found that by setting high expectations for my husband to meet (for my emotional needs), I’m setting him up for failure.

After all, he’s only human, and he meet every expectation I have. So, I need to find a way to be secure and happy with myself, with or without him.

This way, all of my emotional needs he meets, are just extra. And, if sometimes, his eyes stray to a woman in a tiny bikini, I don’t have to feel insecure and wonder if I am enough for him.

Men and women are like beings from two different planets. This comes more apparent as the years go by. For example, women are able to go to a public place, like the beach, and enjoy the company of their partner as if they were the only two in the room.

Men, on the other hand, are only focused on the plethora of bikinis, buts and boobs they see bouncing around them. They feel like a kid in a theme park, they want to see everything. But did you know there’s an actual science behind a man’s straying eye?

When a woman catches her man looking at other women, she obviously feels threatened that he’s subconsciously comparing her to them. That’s when she begins to think he’s dissatisfied with her, and that he might leave her.

However, men don’t always find the women they look at attractive. It’s just in their nature. If he’s not attracted to you, it wouldn’t matter if you stayed in a monastery full of monks. He still wouldn’t be attracted.