The Whole World Has Gone Crazy For This Hairstyle: Here Is How To Make This Amazing Hairstyle In Few Steps In Only 2 Minutes!


If you follow the fashion trends and want to look modern and elegant at the same time, then this hairstyle is the right choice for you. And best of all is that you can make it yourself in no time. And here we will show you how:

Tie your hair into a low loose ponytail. Using your fingers split your hair into 2 parts, just above the rubber band, after that pull the free part of the tail in the middle of your hair and then repeat the procedure once again.

Put your index finger wrap the rest of the hair over him, so that you create a little bun. After that, keep rolling in the bun until it is completely wrapped. Secure the hair beneath the bun with hairpins.

This picture bellow will give you the details how to do it.