The Point Of Happiness – Neutralize Negative Energy And Strengthens The Immune System

There’s an organ in our body called the “point of happiness”.

It’s the thymus. It’s located in the upper part of the chest. You can easily find it. Just put two fingers on the lower part of the neck, just above the breastbone. This is the approximate location of the thymus.

This gland helps neutralize negative energy, strengthen the immune system and overall health.

How To Activate The “Point Of Happiness”

Slightly tapping, pampering, and massaging the point. These are effective methods that help raise your energy vibration to a higher level.


This gland balances the energy in our body. Therefore, when our energy system is in imbalance, this gland can help. It’s a bridge between the brain and the body. During a stress period, this glands is reduced, leading to reduction of energy.

You can stimulate the thymus with your fist – like Tarzan (only slightly taping). You can pat or cuddle it with your fingers. Do this for about 20-30 seconds and at the same time breathe deeply.

You’ll know when the “point of happiness” is activated. You’ll feel a thrill, and you’ll have a feeling of joy and happiness. It may take a while until you feel something. Do this exercise every day and you’ll experience its efficiency.

If you have frequent panic attacks, anxiety, and stress – do it several times a day and you’ll be able to regain balance.