The Juice Of Beetroots is Best Therapy Against Leukemia And Tumors

Beets are very healthy and good for us, as our mothers have said so many times in the past. But being children, we never really listened.

Beets have shown excellent results in the fight against leukemia and cancer.  You really should learn more about the treatment using beets.

The beetroot contains betaine amino acids, which have anti-cancer properties. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and detoxifying effects. Researches have shown that betaine attack tumor cells in the tissues of the body. Statistically, beetroot could be applied in the fight against many types of cancer, but further studies are, of course, necessary.

Beetroot And Details Of Therapy

The therapy is very simple. The patient should eat at least a pound of raw and minced beetroot a day. The patient should also have a prescribed diet in order to strengthen the immune system, containing a lot of vitamin C.

The most effective results are achieved if the therapy starts in the early stages with a gradual increase in the amount of beetroot. The taste of this plant is specific and doesn’t suit many people, so you can mix the juice with carrots or apples. Drink the juice chilled.

Source: Healthy Food House