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Ten Short Fashion Tips From Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn always knew how to make herself a real woman. Although she has always been known as a sex symbol, not as a style icon, she was a real connoisseur of fashion and rarely made mistakes.

She was known for her red makeup and always wearing high heels.

Her eyelashes were always curled and she always had curls in her hair. She also never forgot her seductive smile. All of that made Marilyn Monroe a femme fatale.

Her advice on fashion, style and femininity are still valid today.

  1. Low tops are always “in”.
  2. Swimming suits also need accessories.
  3. There is no problem that red lipstick cannot solve.
  4. Forget the little black dress, the little white dress is the correct one.
  5. High heels are the best friends of every woman.
  6. Being active in sports, does not guarantee you look good.
  7. Style isn’t only clothes, but also attitude.
  8. Travelling by airplane is an opportunity to be elegant.
  9. A headscarf is the right solution when your hair is “disobedient”.
  10. When in doubt wear pants with a high waistline.