Surprising Reasons You Are Dehydrated

 Your exercise routine

Often we believe that dehydration after exercise is something that athletes face, but the truth is that every time you sweat more, whether you practice Pilates, you hike or just go for a run, you lose fluids. Sweating less is not good news, but rather a sign of dehydration. You should try doing the following, measure yourself before and after each exercise. For every pound you lose, you should drink from 450g to 600g of water.


Does your baby makes you feel bloated? Chances are your body retains water to protect against dehydration. During pregnancy the blood flow and the work of the cardiovascular system are increased, so your body needs more fluids. Vomiting associated with morning sickness also reduces the levels of fluids in the body. If you suffer from morning sickness, do not take it for granted and talk to your doctor who can recommend ways to ease these symptoms.

Dietary supplements

Just because they are “natural” does not mean they are not cluttering your bladder. For example, parsley, celery seed, dandelion increase the secretion of urine, and not compensating the lost fluids can lead to dehydration. If you plan on taking dietary supplements it is best to first consult a primary care physician who can explain the potential side effects.

High altitude

When traveling at an altitude, your body adapts so that breathing accelerates and secretion of urine is increased. Although both are necessary for healthy adjustment to altitude and oxygen levels, constant urination and rapid breathing, can cause dehydration.