Su Jok Therapy – Life Without Pain

Every part of our body contains a map. Su-Jok therapy uses precisely this approach and with the proper stimulation of the points on the palms and the soles it relieves the pain and the discomfort that we thought it was impossible to remove.

With the proper stimulation of this points you can treat the whole body. In Korean Su means fist and Jok means foot. According to this technique on our hands and feet there is presented a whole man. In order to know where and how to massage, you need to get the scheme or drawings of the hands and feet that have marked the correspondent points on them.You have to find this points and massage them. By carefully touching and searching the hand, you will find the appropriate correspondence point that should be stimulated and massaged. You need to know that a therapeutic point are different from the others.They are extremely painful. The pain is a guideline for this treatment. Correspondent points can be stimulated with a variety of massage techniques. If the massage is properly conducted,the skin in the correspondent zone will turn red and you will also feel heat on that area.

Good morning!

Every morning when you look in the mirror, make sure that you rub your earlobe. There are facial correspondent points on them. If time permits, massage the entire surface of your ear lobe. If you are having difficult time and you are struggling with emotional burdens, it is very useful to massage, with your fingertips, the zones that correspond to the heart. Roll the ball-massagers between your palms and within minutes you will feel pleasant calmness.

Excess weight

If you want to get rid of the excess weight, you need to find the points that correspond to the pituitary gland, the navel, the mouth, the esophagus, the stomach and the colon. The navel correspondent point is in the middle of the palm, and the pituitary gland correspondent point is on the inside of the thumb nail and it goes in height. Put a grain of buckwheat on these correspondent points and when you get the desire to eat, press the grain several times.