Stay Away From the Ear Sticks – the Ear Wax is Much more Useful than you Could Ever Imagine

It’s most likely that you do not bother too much with your ear wax, but the ear wax can say much about you. And we are not referring only to your personal hygiene. In fact, there are less known theory, which is good to know because of health reasons.

Prevents itchy ears

The ear wax keeps ears moist, as tears make eyes moisture, thus is preventing drying and itching in the ears.

Maintains ears hygiene

The wax is a combination of secretions from the ears, dead skin cells and dirt and dust that reached your ears. If you clean the wax out of your ears, you can do more harm than good by pushing it deeper into the ear. The wax will disappear by itself, so the experts advise to clean the wax only if there is a lot of it so that it starts to affect your hearing.

It speaks a lot about your sweat

Some people have wet and some dry wax. White and fluffy wax tells you about the absence of certain chemicals in the sweat, which can lead to bad body smell.

Stress affects the production of wax

The glands in the ears, which are responsible for the secretion of wax, are listed in the apocrine glands, which are responsible for the bad smell of the sweat. Not only that the stress stimulates sweating, it also affects the increased production of wax.

Do not use ears sticks

According to some experts you shouldn’t clean your ears with ear sticks. It’s better to just wash your ear with warm water.