Solve Your Ear, Nose And Throat Problems In Just Few Days: The Yogic Cleansing Will Solve Your Nose And Sinuses Problem

Did you know that there are so many effective techniques that can help you solve your ear, nose and throat problems in just few days? Yogic methods, which are called Jala Neti and Sutra Neti ensure easy cleaning of the nose and the sinuses. Find out how!

Jala Neti

Jala neti is an ancient technique of cleaning the nose with the help of salt water. This method is practiced in yoga for thousands of years for the sake of the spiritual and the physical health. Jala Neti has a beneficial effect on the health of the nose, throat, lungs, eyes, ears and it also improves the mental and the spiritual activity.

How does Jala netiwork:

  • It cleans the nose from bacteria and excess mucus
  • Purifies the sinus channels
  • It protects the organism from inflammations and infections of the sinuses, the nose and the throat
  • It stimulates the brain
  • Helps with migraines, epilepsy and depression
  • Helps with infection and clogging the ear and the tinnitus
  • It improves the concentration and the mental clarity
  • Helps with quitting smoking


To perform the Jala Neti technique you will need a special water container, which looks like Aladdin’s lamp (see the picture). This dish is called Neti lots, and you can buy it at any yoga center.

Fill the container with lukewarm water and add salt. Mix it well. The water shouldn’t be too cold, nor too hot. Add 1 teaspoon of salt to a half liter of water.It is best to use sea salt.

Lean over the sink. Insert the extension of the container in your left nostril, and slowly tilt your head to the right side.Keep your mouth open and slowly breathe through it. The water should start to get into your left nostril and out through the right one.

Let that water leak for about 20 seconds. Then remove the pan and clean your nose with a powerful breathing.Repeat the same procedure with your right nostril.

You can repeat the Jala Neti technique every morning.

Sutra Neti technique – cleaning your nose with a thread

Sutra Neti is an efficient method of cleaning the nose, which opens the channels so that you can breathe with full force.This technique is practiced with the help of a special thread made of cotton and wax.

You need to slowly push the thread into your nose through one nostril, until other end of the thread comes out through the mouth. Then gently pull the thread back and forth several times. Repeat the same procedure with the other nostril.

This technique is recommended in case, if the previous method (Jala Neti) failed to clear your nose. Sutra Neti is done once a week. It is best to learn the Sutra Neti method from experienced yoga teachers.

Video by: Yoga Now Malaysia