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So Simple And Yet So Efficient: Here Is Why She Put Toilet Paper On Her Hair! (Video)

Every day girls are finding various new ways to fix their hair. Probably you would never say that there are even eight hairstyles for short hair that can be done in only five minutes, or that these hairstyles for long hair are so simple to make.

So Simple And Yet So Efficient Here Is Why She Put Toilet Paper On Her Hair! (Video)

However, when you have a little more time you can to devote to your hair.

The girl from this video wanted to see whether it is really possible to make curls using toilet paper. Surely everyone first thinks that toilet paper is a sensitive material, and that it is not possible to create any hairstyles using it.

But this is where the challenge really is.

This girl made strips out of the toilet paper, and used them to curlher hair. We were all thrilled when she unraveled the result.

See what it looked like: