Salt Is Necessary, But Not Good For You: Here Is What Salt Is Doing To Your Body!

Diet salt provides your body with sodium, which is vital for your body. Although it is necessary to consume salt in adequate amounts, too much salt can cause a severe imbalance in the body and puts you at risk of potentially dangerous medical conditions. In this article we will show you how salt can affect certain parts of your body.

Here is how the excess salt can affect your body:


A study in Canada found that too much salt is linked to high risk of cognitive decline.


Sodium helps you balance the fluid levels in the body. It sends signals to the kidneys to retain or release water. Excess sodium in your daily diet can interfere with this process, and thereby the function of the kidneys. This can lead to high blood pressure. High levels of sodium increases the risk of kidney stones.


Some experts believe that the excretion of excess salt in the urine increases the risk of dilution of the bones. This condition is associated with osteoporosis, especially in women in menopause.