Quit Smoking In just 3 Days, all you Need to do is Eat 20 Pounds of Apples

If you want to get rid of the cigarettes in a simple, safe and reliable way, you can do it tomorrow!

Asim Hamzic, 63, claims that he has a natural recipe for giving up cigarettes. According to Asim all you need to do is eat ten pound of apples within three days in a row. After doing this cigarettes will never come to your mind.

– After this quick apples therapy, you will lose the desire for cigarettes. As if you’ve never been addicted to tobacco – says Asim Hamzic, who for almost a decade enjoys without nicotine and it hopes that it will remain so until the end of his life.

– For this process it is necessary to eat ten pounds of apples (of any kind) for three days. Peeled or unpeeled, it does not matter. During this time, other than apples, do not eat it or drink anything else. It is important to consume cigarettes all the time, as you did before. After the third day, you will no longer have the desire for cigarettes – says Asim.

Apart from mild headache during the three-day therapy, he did not felt other consequences.

Asim was a heavy smoker for 35 years. He smoked three packs of cigarettes on a daily basis. Having tried other methods, nine years ago, he decided to try the apple recipe and succeeded! Today, when he was fully assured that the therapy with apples is effective, he decided it was time to recommend it to other smokers who want to get rid of vices.

And doctors believe that this method makes sense.

The large amount of apples in a short period of time acts as a powerful diuretic. And, in addition to a strong desire that person must have to withdraw from the nicotine, detoxification, or purification of the body, plays the most important role in this process.

Eating apples, even if it was about ten kilos in three days, cannot cause you any harm, except for those who have problems with stomach acid. This therapy cannot cause you any unintended consequences, even if the recipe quitting smoking fails.