Open Your Eyes, You All Have this Plant in Your Homes: Its Oil Destroys Even 25 Bacteria Types, Protects from Cancer, and Guards your Eyesight!

The proofs for the healing properties of oregano oil are increasing. Between 52 tested plants, only the oregano oil affected Candida, E. coli, salmonella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Open Your Eyes, You All Have this Plant in Your Homes Its Oil Destroys Even 25 Bacteria Types, Protects from Cancer, and Guards your Eyesight!

Oregano is a wild, Mediterranean plant which is considered to be one of the most healing plants in the world. Its oil, acquired by the wild types of oregano with a special process of distillation in order to maintain all its healing properties, is highly appreciated around the world. Researchers from the University in Arizona published new results which show that Carvakrol, the phenol of the oregano oil, deactivates dangerous microorganisms and contaminators on a level which can positively influence the preparation and safety of food.  Besides being a powerful antibacterial agent, oregano oil also has antioxidant and antibacterial properties that can be applied to foods as well. Moreover, oregano oil is able to destroy carcinogenic substances in food preparation on high temperatures. When Sadana Ravi Shankar and his team added oregano oil to minced beef meat, they found out that Carvakrol prevented the formation of 78% of heterocyclic carcinogenic molecules that appear when the animal fat is being cooked on high temperatures.

Another study confirmed that the oregano oil destroys salmonella and E. coli. Furthermore, studies have shown that the applications of oregano oil are numerous, and R. Shankar believes that it can be helpful in the preparation of industrial foods. In fact, oregano oil can replace radiation, whitening and other chemical and unnatural methods used for cleansing food and animal products.

Oregano oil, according to the scientists from the University Medical Center, can be so efficient that it could replace a lot of medicine prescribed for colon, liver and digestion tract diseases. This is positive news for people who suffer from Candida or fungus. In another study, 77% of patients who used oregano oil for six weeks regularly were cured from Candida. Furthermore, Carvakrol is in charged for decreasing obesity and can prevent further weight gain. Also, it is able to lower inflammation which is a frequent reason behind obesity due to fat tissue.

The most efficient healing substance in this oil is Carvakrol- it has strong antibacterial properties. British scientists confirmed that the oregano oil is efficient against 25 different bacteria. Moreover, it is beneficial against most of bacteria that cause colon and urinary tract infections, typhus, cholera, ulcers and skin infections. Besides destroying bacteria, oregano oil has potent antiviral effect and efficiently protects us from flues, colds, measles and mumps.

The aggressive antifungal properties of oregano oil prevent hardcore infections such as Candida, feet fungus and athlete’s foot. For those suffering from Candida, the oil needs to be consumed orally, whereas for feet fungus, locally. In the case of fungus that causes dandruff, it is recommendable to add few drops from the oil during hair washing.

The oil can become a part from cancer therapy. Scientists tested the effect of Carvakrol on prostate cancer cells and they found out that Carvakrol causes a condition known as “apoptosis”- self destruction of cancer cells. This condition is one of the ways in which the body deals with non functional and malignant cells, such as those present in tumors.

Furthermore, this oil contains rosmarinic acid which is a powerful antihistaminic and antioxidant from vitamin E. Rosmarinic acid is usually applied in treating allergic reactions, bronchial asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and gingivitis.  Moreover, simple inhalation of the oil helps with allergies. The antioxidant properties of the oregano oil are beneficial for long term maintenance of your health. It protects from free radicals and fixes the already damaged cells. Antioxidants slow down the aging, protect from cancer, and prevent macular degeneration, loss of sight and hearing, nervous disorders and many other diseases related to free radicals.

Oregano oil has the power to neutralize poisonous bites, such as bees’, snakes’ and spiders’. Therefore, it is a priceless first aid in such situations. In the same time, it is beneficial for preventing infections, decreasing inflammations and pain from stabbing wounds and animal bites.

Oregano oil is a good ally of physically active people, since it eases cramps and muscle ache, encourages the healing of wounds, sprains, tendon inflammation, etc. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a powerful remedy for arthritis.  The recommended dosage of oregano oil is 1 to 4 drops per day (in total 12 drops per day, never in one dosage). It has a strong taste so always dissolve it in base oil, juice or tea. You can also apply several drops under your tongue with warm salty water if you are experiencing a toothache or mouth infection. It is also a great aid for sinus infections.