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Only 3 Minutes Every Day: Exercise From 2 Moves That Are Killing it!

If you want to get back in shape then this exercise is the right one for you. You only need 3 minutes per day and you will achieve great results. Kayla Itsines is a popular trainer with more than 4 million followers on Instagram. The Australian trainer came up with a training regime that requires only 3 minutes per day while guaranteeing a stretched body with a shaped buttocks, arms and stomach muscles.

  1. Double squats move

Stand with the feet spread in straight line with the shoulders, the toes spread outwardly. Extend the hips backwards and easily bend the knees and start lowering the buttocks in direction of the floor. Then, partially spread your legs so that the buttock is raised several centimeters up. Repeat this move 10 times. This move replaces 1000 crunches and you need only 60 seconds to do it.

  1. Jumping pushups

Duck, spread your palms on the ground, the legs backwards so that you are in a position for pushups. Get back to the primary position, and then straighten up with spread arms above the head. Repeat the move. Set the stopwatch to 3 minutes and do this exercise every day. Take a look at the video to see how the trainer Kayla does the exercise herself:

Video by: Glamour Magazine