Not Meant For Beginners: Total Body, Mind and Spirit Detoxification in 3 days For Only 3 Dollars!

From time to time we all need a break to rest, relax, rejuvenate and recover energy in our mind, body and spirit. You might think that you will do this on your next vacation when you are not surrounded by everyday stress? Moreover, you think that you will return home from the vacation feeling refreshed, amazed and ready for new victories? But what if you cannot have a vacation? Do not worry since there is a solution.

We need a break from our everyday lives as well as our organisms. For our sake, our organisms are active for 24 hours and they can use a little break, especially from everyday food digestion. Fasting or detoxification is an excellent way to give your organism the needed break, but not all detoxifications were created equally. This is not a beginners’ detoxification, but it is also very simple once you commit to it and respect your organism’s need for rest from the inside out. This is a tested detoxification and the body will burn fat, not muscles, since it lasts only 3 days.

Why is this good for you?

Why do you need to expose yourself to this three-day detoxification along rest for the organism? A research showed that this three-day fast has the power to regenerate your entire immune system. This detoxification is a little bit challenging but the benefits are far greater than the mild inconveniences that you may encounter during the three days. Afterwards your body will thank you as well as your spirit and mind. You will posses more clearness, mental focus, pure thoughts and calm and you will not even recognize yourself!

What do you need?

4 organic lemons

Pinkish Himalayan sea salt (or unrefined sea salt) – 4 teaspoons

Important:  You cannot consume any kind of food or drink besides water, water with lemon and water with salt during the detoxification.

Advice: Begin the 72- hours fast after dinner (7 pm) and you will finish the fast the third day at 7 pm.

First day

Detoxification with salty water

Why? If you do not have regular defecation (regular defecation is from 1 to 3 times per day). The waste could be held up in your colon and make you obese, create a poisonous burden and you will not feel well. Detoxification with salty water is a natural, simple and a cheap way to cleanse your colon. You need to do this early in the morning on an empty stomach. Mix two teaspoons of unrefined sea salt (or Himalayan) with 1 liter of warm water. Drink the entire mixture (it may be challenging but hold your nose if you have to). Be close to the bathroom the next 2 hours. This may not be pleasant but you have to get rid  of the waste. Put your legs onto a little chair if it is possible since it will help you open up the colon and ease up the peristalsis. After the detoxification with salty water, drink warm water with a slice of lemon since it helps with the release of toxins and it is a great source of vitamin C (cut off the peel if the lemon is not organic- it has a bitter taste). Drink water or warm water with lemon (you can eat slices or drink squeezed lemon- but without sweeteners) as much as you want. Take a warm bath while reading something inspiring and stimulating. If you do not have a bathtub, take a shower. Restrain yourself from using any unnatural products since they are full of toxins and chemicals. A better alternative is sodium bicarbonate instead of shampoo (you can do a pilling as well) and apple cider vinegar instead of hair conditioner. Avocado is great for face masks and unrefined coconut oil is very beneficial for skin hydration. Walk, stretch out, exercise light yoga, meditate and read. Also avoid noise, shopping, TV, internet, mobile phones…

Second day

Drink salty water again. It should be easier this time since there is no new food in your colon. Go for a light walk and stretch out lightly before and after it. Breathe in fresh air. Prepare for another dry bath with a scrubber before you enter in the bathtub or the shower since this will remove dead skin cells and stimulate your lymphatic system so it can release waste. You can use a hairbrush covered with a dry towel. Drink water or warm water with lemon if you want to.