Master The Ancient Japanese Art: Get Rid Of All The Difficulties With Only One Touch

Many of you haven’t heard of Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient Japanese art and philosophy. Well this article will help you learn more about this ancient Japanese art and philosophy.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a part of alternative medicine that is based on the fingers. This arts task is to balance the energy of the body through the important points of the fingers which is essential for physical and emotional health.

How to perform:

While you are doing this exercises, you need to relax and concentrate on the difficulties that you are having. You need to breathe slowly and deeply.

Grab a certain finger with the opposite hand.Graspit and squeeze the whole fist. Stay in this position about two minutes. After a while you will feel pulsation of the fingers. You need to breathe slowly and evenly while doing this exercise.

If you want to exercise the entire body, you need to do this to each finger individually, and stay in this position for three minutes.

Which are the medical benefits:

This exercises are great for your physical and emotional health because it reduces pain and stress, it relaxes the body, it regulates sleep, it increases circulation and concentration, it strengthens the immune system, it improves the skin and cleanses the body.

In this exercise each finger represents one organ, and with pressing a particular point you can establish equilibrium.


  • Organs: Stomach organs
  • Emotions: Depression and anxiety
  • Physical Symptoms: Painful stomach, skin problems, headaches, nervousness


  • Organs: kidneys and bladder
  • Emotions: frustration, fear, mental burden
  • Physical symptoms: pain in joints and muscles, toothache and gum problems, addiction, indigestion.


  • Organs: liver and bile
  • Emotions: Indecision, anger, irritability
  • Physical symptoms: circulatory problems, menstrual problems, problems with your eyes or vision, fatigue, migraine headaches.


  • Organs: lungs, and colon
  • Emotions: Negativity, sadness, fear of rejection
  • Physical symptoms: Disturbances, tinnitus, breathing problems such as asthma, deep changes on the skin.


  • Organs: heart and small intestine
  • Emotions: Uncertainty, anxiety, feeling less valuable
  • Physical symptoms: Problems with pressure, heart problems, sore throat, problems with bones and nervous system and bloating.

Source: Good Morning Center