Makeup Tricks That Disguise Your Flaws

That is what decorative cosmetics is for. With a few simple tricks you can point out what suits your face thus hiding any flaws you may have.

Makeup for thin lips

If you have thin lips, and they give off a beautiful, elegant and feminine side of you, then you need to accentuate your lips using bright colors.

To do this professionally, just follow these steps:

  1. On the outer edge ofthe lip applyconcealer following the linethat accompaniesyour lips. Gentlypat the line with your fingers.
  2. Apply red lipstick.
  3. With glossypencil (of the same color) fill out the edges.

Following these three simple steps, will give you the look you were going for.

Prominent double chin

A prominent double chin can be hidden with a few simple tricks. The pronounced part creates a shadow on your neck, and that part of the neck is usually darker. How can this not noticeable? Take a powder shade that is a little bit darker than your face, apply it gently on a large brush and just darken the “second” chin. You should be careful. Darkening your chin will give an illusion of a more prominent chin. And you do not want that. Because the goal is to hide the double chin, not to emphasize it.

Bonus tips

        Properly apply rouge.

For a better effect use rouge. Apply it on a big brush and gently follow the lines of your cheekbones. Accentuate your eyes with a brownish eyeliner.

        Accentuate your eyebrows.

It is very important to put an emphasize on your eyebrows. You can use an eyeliner to brush the unwanted parts and just pluck them out. Or you can use an eyebrow mold. Either way, you will get the result you were looking for.