Make Your Own Detox Patch

Detox patches on our bodies have a twofold effect. They stimulate reflexology points and affect the autonomic nervous system. The actual detox ability of most patches is negligible.  They can be costly, but you can also make your own out of inexpensive items right in your kitchen. There are many different methods and combinations for making these patches.  Here is one popular method.

How to make a detox patch at home?

In order to make this patch you will need a mortar and pestle or alternatively use aluminum foil on a hard surface. Now take some dry herbs and grind together until they become powder. You can use turmeric powder, green tea, chamomile, and vitamin C powder.

Wrap this mixture with a piece of gauze and then apply the wrap to your foot with first aid tape. Leave it over the night. Turmeric stains so you may wish to place an old sock over the wrap.  The layer of organic substances on your skin of the foot affects the kidney meridian of the body. Therefore it doesn’t really matter which herbs you are using in your patch.

The effects of detox patches

The main advantages of detoxification patches are:

  • They stimulate acupuncture and reflexology points
  • They encourage stimulation of the autonomic nervous system

Consequently, you can expect:

  • Strengthening the resilience of the body
  • Stimulation of body functions
  • Return of the balance in the body
  • They also have a soothing and anti-stress effect
  • Better sleep
  • Greater ability to concentrate