Make It Yourself! Scented Orange Candle

From orange peels, in just a few strokes, you can make a real scented candle that will completely and naturally freshen the air in your home. All you need is an orange and a little olive oil.

First you need to cut the orange in half. Remove all the fleshy part of the orange, making sure that the white stalk in the middle remains intact, because you will use it instead of a wick. The half of the orange in which the wick is located needs to be filled with olive oil, so that the wick protrudes from the oil and that’s it. On the bottom of this half of the orange, you can put the other one and just close the orange, just make sure you top opening is wide enough so that the orange will not ignite.

All that remains now is to light your candle and enjoy the scent of an orange and olive oil. This video report will explain you, briefly and clearly:

Video by: HouseholdHacker