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Lose 10 Pounds Until the Evening

Went on vacation and you let yourself go? Or were you swamped with work and forgot to exercise? Whatever the reason, do not let the frustration stop you from getting in shape. You know how to get back to normal (healthy diet, exercise, blah, blah, blah). But if you have until tomorrow to look slim and sexy. Here are a few tricks that will help you look (and feel) a slender in a blink of an eye.

Clothes that narrow

Highlight your waist with pants or jeans with a low waistline and a patch pocket on the back (which are the best choice for a flat butt). Please note that they should be a bit tight (though not too tight). If your pants and shirt are in a light color, you can look bigger, as well as in a plaid dress or clothes with wide stripes. The rule is – the darker the color, the slimmer the waist. Wear tight shirts preferably with a deeper neckline. If you wear bulkier clothes in hope that they will hide the extra pounds, you are wrong. They will only make you look bigger.

High heels are mandatory

This is the quickest way of narrowing your figure. The thing is in proportion! If you are 165 cm high and have 58 kg, with high heels you attain a height of 170 cm with the same weight.

Minimizing makeup

Highlight your cheekbones. Shade your face and you will not “suck in” your cheeks all night.Put bronzer just below the cheekbones and you will get the effect of narrow cheeks.

Look glamorous

Create an illusion with the help of shimmering lotion or body oils. Particles that reflect light distract attention from the problematic areas. Let your cleavage look lavish. This is a simple trick. With a sumptuous cleavage, your waist looks slimmer.

Strike a pose

Walk with confidence. Put your shoulders back. This will “straighten” your belly and your butt. Imagine that you have a rope around the top of your head, pulling you up. Your new attitude will radiate confidence and make you feel like you’re four centimeters taller.

 Flatten your belly

A powerful series of exercises for the abdominal muscles will help you be tightened, according to trainers. Make thirty rotations of your upper body and thirty exercises of buckling your torso.