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Lipstick Colors That Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

You might have noticed that the ultra-popular summer lipstick color – red coral, doesn’t flatter our bright smile. Why does this happen? It can easily be explained by the rules of complementary colors.

Blue and orange, stand exactly opposite each other in the spectrum of colors. Given that opposites attract, the blue carmine tones annul the yellowish tones of our teeth.

These few tips will help you avoid the terrible shades of lipstick and help you select the ones that accentuate your beautiful smile.

Choose The Right Lipstick

It takes courage to wear red lipstick. It’s because it doesn’t soothe everyone’s complexion. If it does soothe your complexion however, it will bring out all your attributes and will make your teeth look whiter.

If you have a pale complexion, choose a red cherry lipstick with blue tones and your smile will shine.

People with a darker complexion should choose red wine or chestnut shades. A violet tone will do wonders for the whiteness of your teeth as well.

Raspberry Color For A Bright Smile

Pink is usually softer and brighter than red. As a result, it can’t give the same effect as the dark colors that accentuate our teeth. But if you stick to cold tones such as raspberry, your pink lipstick can create a million dollar smile. You should, however, avoid coral and orange tones.

Avoid Light Brown Tones

Light brown lipsticks doesn’t flatter your smile at all. For example, burgundy carmine with a light brown base will highlight the yellow stains on your teeth.

If you have a pale complexion, stick to dark berry colors with a blue undertone, for example dark plumb color.

People with a darker complexion look best with a purple lipstick. A purple lipstick with a blue base makes your teeth look brighter.

An Ordinary Gloss Is Your Best Friend

An ordinary gloss will damp your lips and make your teeth dazzle. Matte lipsticks often do just the opposite. Also, you should avoid lip glosses with pearl tones, because they don’t illuminate your teeth.

Say “No” To Neon Lipsticks

Neon lipsticks accentuate your lips, but your teeth are being left in the background. Lipsticks with bright fluorescent shades by no means flatter your smile – quite the contrary, they can make your teeth look darker.