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Ladies, These Are the 13 Things Which Men Notice First: Some Will Definitely Surprise You!

Usually, women think that the first thing men notice in them is their outer appearance. However, it appears that this isn’t always the case. Certainly, physical appearance is important, but there are some other things that men also notice.

Some of these aspects are rather predictable, while you would never think of the other ones as something that men care about. Let’s take a look:

Beautiful hair

When a man looks at some woman for the first time, his eyes are mostly focused on her face and then he briefly analyzes her and immediately concludes whether he finds her attractive or not. However, some men claim that they can do this by looking a woman from behind. If you think that they’re judging you according to your buttock, you’re not right. They’re actually looking at your hair. Namely, men are usually attracted by thick, shiny, and clean hair. They consider that a woman’s hair condition reveals a lot about her personality, primarily whether you’re taking care of yourself and your look.

Proper body posture

Men simply love women who have a straight posture since these women look much more beautiful, attractive, and confident. No one likes to see a woman with poor posture and men often find these women unconfident. Therefore, straighten your back and keep your head high, but never too high. Always be natural and relaxed.

Your friends

For men, your friends are very important because they can reveal a lot about you and your life. For example, if your friends are loud and rude, a man will presume that you’re such a person as well. On the other hand, cheerful and kind friends create a positive picture of you.


It has been scientifically proven that kissing reduces stress and, what’s more, research has showed that most people spend around 20160 minutes of their lives kissing. Therefore, it’s no wonder that men notice women’s lips first. So, take care of your lips and bear in mind that men always prefer their natural look.

The things you carry with yourself

Believe it or not, the inside of your bag can reveal a lot about you. At least this is what men think. For example, a girl who carries a big bag full of makeup and cosmetics means that she takes care of her look, whereas women who carry books are interesting and love to read and learn. Women who don’t carry a wallet appear as careless and a bit cold, whereas the ones who carry a toothbrush and deodorant and ready for everything anytime.

Your smile

Without doubt, men will always take notice of your smile. Make sure that you always smile naturally since they can immediately notice if you’re faking it. So, never smile on purpose since it doesn’t look attractive at all.

High heels

They find high heels very attractive as they symbolize sexiness and audacity. Therefore, put on high heels and be ready since you can never know when you’re going to run into “the one”. However, if you cannot walk properly in high heels or if you find them uncomfortable, don’t wear them.

Your gait

The way you walk says a lot about your confidence. Be sure in yourself, but in a natural and relaxed way. Don’t behave as if you were walking on a runway, but walk like a real lady.


Your attitude is the most important unphysical thing that men immediately notice and it’s crucial to them. A woman can be as beautiful as a goddess, however, if she has a negative attitude, in most cases, men feel repulsed. They love cheerful women with a positive view of the world, which is, if you think about it, rather logical. No one wants to be with someone who’s constantly negative.

Good dancing skills

A girl who dances well indicates that she feels good in her own skin; she’s self-confident, and knows how to have a good time. Besides, it’s difficult not to notice a good dancer. So the next time you’re on the dance floor, think of what you’ve just read. Hence, relax and flow with the rhythm and enjoy the music-someone might be watching.

A unique fashion style

Men are more attracted to women who wear interesting and unique clothes than those who wear revealing pieces of clothing. If you want to attract men, don’t dress up vulgarly, but invest in your style and make it more interesting and compatible with your personality.

Your buttock

Along with the smile, men also notice physical attributes, and one such attribute is the buttock. So, be a confident woman with curves.


Always make sure your feet are soft and your toenails clean and neat. No one wants to look at cracked heels and dirty toenails.

All in all, what’s important is to always be you and remain as much natural as possible. Bear in mind that the line between an attractive look and vulgarity is thin. Therefore, make an effort to be original and true to yourself.