Juice, Tea, Resin – Birch Against Baldness, Stomach Problems and Rheumatism

The birch is one of the trees, which is highly valued since ancient times. It is a real human protector. So we can freely say that birch juice, tea and resin, they are all in the service of human health.

There are variety of traditions related to the birch tree, and also the birch tree was very important to the Old Slavs and the Celts. It is interesting that in Siriba birch is considered to be sacred tree, so even today they have maintained the tradition to compile cradles of this tree. And if we go even deeper into the past we will obtain that even 5,000 years ago people chewed birch resin. Even then they knew that the birch tree was very useful as a great anti-inflammatory remedy for the mouth. Namely, birch resin contains phenol, a carbolic acid, which is a powerful antiseptic.

Birch is rich with saponins, tannins, essential oils, betulin, sucrose, vitamin C. So we can say that birch is natural antibiotic and diuretic. The birch is used against urinary infections and it helps the body to expel the liquid, but it does not burden the kidneys. This “sacred tree” can alleviate inflammation, stomach problems, improve circulation and reduce the level of bad cholesterol. It is widely used in the treatment of weight loss and for solving problems with cellulite.

There are a number of recipes and instructions on how to use the birch most successfully, whether it is about the leaves, the resin or the juice.

In the fight against hair loss you can use birch leaves. All you need is 20 grams of fresh birch leaves and 200 ml of boiling water. First of all you need to chop the leaves and then cook them for a while in the boiling water. Cover this liquid and leave it until it cools down. Add a little baking soda and wait for 6 hours. Strain the juice and apply it on your head. Repeat this procedure after 4 hours.

Another great liquid is made of birch buds. You need about 200 buds. Cook them in water until half of the liquid has evaporated. Drink this juice on a daily basis, every four hours. This juice is very good for rheumatism, slimming and also can help you against heart attack.

Birch bark can be very useful. You can cut the birch bark and cook it. Strain the juice the drink it if you have problems with ulcers or indigestion.

You can collect pure birch juice by cutting the bark and installing a funnel through which the juice leaks into the jar. Drink this juice two or three times a day. This juice can help you with diseases of the urinary organs and unhealthy skin. Also, this juice has a high nutritional value and it can fill you up with energy.