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It Is That Simple: Make Your Own Nail Polish In Your Favorite Color

Nail polish has beautified women’s hands, and their overall appearance for many centuries now! Here in this article we will show you how to make your own nail polish!

In most of the cases nurtured and manicured hands are taken as one of the “benchmarks” for good style in women. Therefore here in this article we will show you some things about the nail polish that you probably did not know!

The nail polish is 5000 years old

There are indications that people living in ancient territory of China, around 3,000 years BC, used a mixture of beeswax, egg whites and pigments from vegetables so that the ladies from the high society would have painted nails.

In ancient Egypt, colored nails were indication of class – ladies from the lower classes wore bright and neutral colors, while the fiery red was reserved for the nobles.

The dark nail polish is really peeling faster

Although many ladies think that the damage to the dark nail polish is only notable due to the strong contrast between the light and the nail polish, that is not true. At this point you need to know that dark nail polish really peels off a lot faster that neutral and lighter nail polish. The reason lies in the fact that these paints are more pigmentation, or have a different consistency from the “lighter” colors.

In order to avoid peeling of the nail polish you need to apply only one thing layer of dark nail polishes instead of two thicker ones.

How to choose the color

Do you have favorite nail polish color? According to many experts this choice is not random. Numerous studies have shown that choosing the nail polish color has to do with your thoughts or feelings. In most of the cases self-confident woman choose red. Red is also the choice of those who do not feel as confident but their self-esteem is on higher level.

Calm and emotional women often choose pink, and woman who don’t want to be bothered with anything often choose neutral colors.

You can make your own nail polish

On the Internet there are numerous tutorials that will help you make your own nail polish. However the easiest way is to mix a transparent nail polish with your favorite crumbled eye shadow, so that you can get the desired color, which will go nicely with your make-up.