It Can Save Your Life In Only One Minute – Use This Mixture And Escape Heart Attack

Many people aren’t aware that heart attacks can be prevented by a simple, but powerful food – cayenne pepper (best known species of chili peppers).If you have a person close to you, that has heart problems, you should always have this powerful drug at hand.

How To Prevent Heart Attacks With The Help Of Cayenne Peppers?

Cayenne pepper has been the subject of many researches conducted by many doctors. Among them is Dr. Richard Schulz. All of them were amazed by the medicinal properties that this variety of pepper has.

American herbalist Dr. Christopher, in his 35 year career, has never lost a patient to a heart attack, thanks to cayenne pepper. He used a cup of cayenne pepper (a small teaspoon per cup of water) for patients who were still conscious. After 1 minute, they were alive and safe.

What makes this statement more relevant is the fact that these doctors speak from personal experiences, and not from studies done in a controlled environment.

There Are Several Ways To Use Cayenne Pepper In Treatments, And Some Of Them Are Particularly Effective

The most important thing is that cayenne pepper has a minimum of 90,000 Scoville units on the scale for measuring hot taste (Scoville Heat Units-SHU). An example of such hot varieties are Habanero, African Bird, Thai Chi, Jamaican hot pepper, jalapeno, Scotch Bonet. You can find cayenne pepper in larger supermarkets, oriental or bio stores.

The patient should be given a mixture of one teaspoon of cayenne pepper mixed in a glass of water.The patient must be conscious and breathing.

If the person is unconscious, you can use cayenne pepper extract, but keep in mind that it has a minimum of 90,000 Scoville units. Sprinkle a few drops of it under the patient’s tongue.

Cayenne pepper is a powerful stimulant, without the intoxicating effects. It increases the heart rate and distributes blood to all parts of the body and balances the circulation. It works hemostatic, instantly stopping bleeding from wounds and helps in heart recovery.

Remember, many doctors claim to have never lost a patient practicing this procedure.

The Best Recipe For Cayenne Pepper Tincture

This tincture works best if you use cayenne peppers. They grow mainly in India and South America. Ground chili is twenty times hotter than ordinary peppers because it contains a lot more capsaicin – a pepper alkaloid.


  • Ground cayenne pepper;
  • Several fresh cayenne peppers;
  • 50% alcohol (use vodka or apple cider vinegar if you don’t want to use alcohol);
  • A 1 liter bottle;


Wear gloves (because of the spiciness of the chili).

Fill ¼ of the bottle with the ground cayenne pepper. Pour enough alcohol to cover the pepper.

Blend a few peppers with alcohol, until you get a sauce like mixture.

Add this to the bottle, and add alcohol until it’s full. Shake the bottle as often as you can throughout the day.

Leave the bottle for a month. Then, strain it through cheesecloth into a dark bottle.

If you want super strong tincture, strain it after 3 months.


If the person who has a heart attack or stroke is conscious give them 5-10 drops of the tincture. After 5 minutes, repeat the process. Repeat the treatment to the desired improvements.

If the person is unconscious, drop 1-3 drops under their tongue, and perform CPR. After 5 minutes, repeat the process. Repeat this every 5 minutes until you get the desired improvements.

Other Benefits Of Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper can be helpful for other problems.

It has antifungal properties and prevents the emergence of fungal pathogens such as Colletotrichum and Phomopsis.

It encourages the creation of gastric juices, and also facilitates and reduces gas in the intestines.

It has certain anti-cancer properties and is particularly recommended to those suffering from lung cancer. It is believed that capsaicin from cayenne pepper helps prevent the development of tumors caused by tobacco, and similar results were found in patients with liver cancer.

It’s useful with stomach problems, flu symptoms, migraines, allergies, redness, obesity, toothache and arthritis.

Nutritional Value Of Cayenne Pepper

Scientist have confirmed that there are 26 kinds of nutrients found in cayenne pepper. Some of the most important minerals found in it are calcium, zinc, magnesium and selenium. In addition to minerals, cayenne pepper is also rich in vitamins – C and A.

Cayenne pepper is one of the strongest natural spices that can do wonders for your heart.

Source: Healthy And Natural Life