If You Take These Medications Then You Must Not Eat Nuts, Bananas And Grapefruit!

Surely you have wondered if you can eat any kind of food with certain medications that have been prescribed to you. And let us tell you, you are right to wonder this. You all know that alcohol and drugs must never be consumed together, but you surely must know that some foods do not go with a certain therapy. And here is a list of foods that you should avoid depending on the treatment you are taking.

If you drink medicines for high blood pressure, then you should avoid bananas.

If you are taking antibiotics, then you need to avoid dairy products. This is mainly because they contain calcium, which can prevent proper absorption of antibiotics.

If you are taking medication for a bacterial infection, then you should avoid processed meat products.

If you are taking medications for regulating you cholesterol levels, then you definitely should avoid grapefruit because, these drugs when combined with grapefruit can lead to an increased blood flow.

If you drink medicines for the thyroid gland then you have to forget about the nuts because they prevent proper absorption of these drugs.