If You See Your Child Sitting in THIS Position, Stop it Right Away! The Child is in Danger!

Sitting in the shape of the letter W, as can be seen on the photo, is a frequent sitting position in children, and they can spend hours and hours in this position, while playing. However, this position causes problems that most people do not understand. Moreover, sitting like this can create inner hip rotation and creation of predisposition for development of serious orthopedic problems! What’s more, this position also leads to muscle deformation and contraction, as well as improper bone development. In fact, every professional orthopedist will warn you not to allow your children to sit like this.

In this position, the effect of gravitation exceeds the basic body gravity centre, so the torso muscles cannot maintain body balance normally. The easiest way to prevent any complications is to prevent this sitting to become a habit. Therefore, do not allow your children to sit in this position, but try and motivate them to sit with their legs straightened up, or maybe, crisscrossed.

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