If I Knew This Secret Before, I Would Never Throw Away Old Egg Cartons

I eat a lot of eggs in a week. And as you can imagine, the egg cartons pile up, which I obviously throw away. However, after I saw how useful they can be around the house, I stopped. Yes, it’s true. Egg cartons have a lot more uses than just holding eggs.

Today, we’ll share this little secret with you. Get your scissors and glue ready, and if you’re ready to get creative, here are 10 creative ideas you could do with your old egg cartons.

10 Creative Ideas You Could Do With Your Old Egg Cartons

Grow Seedlings In Egg Cartons

This can be very useful. These small cups are the perfect size for small seedlings. You can also use some paper to separate the compartments of the egg carton and use these “cups” to plant herbs and other small plants. Share this awesome trick with your friends.

Use It To Store Fragile Things

You can also use old egg cartons to protect your fragile things. All you need to do is put your things inside the carton and you’re good to go.


If you don’t have a toolbox at home, use egg cartons to make a little DIY toolbox. You can use it to store your nails, screws, bolts etc. The small compartments are perfect for this. You can also store buttons, sequins, bugle beads, threads etc.


Old egg cartons are the perfect size to store your small stuff. Store your jewelry, beads, office supplies, buttons, craft supplies and more.

Christmas Ornament Storage

Use old egg cartons to store your Christmas ornaments and you won’t need to worry about them breaking. They are the perfect size for the smaller ones.

Make DIY Fire Starters

You can use old egg cartons to make your own DIY fire starters. It’s very simple. All you need to do is add a little wax and dryer lint. That’s it.

Children’s Paint Palette

A very simple and amazing trick. Use your old egg cartons to make a paint palette at home. Just fill each of the compartments with your desired color and that’s it.

Ice Holder

Provided that the egg carton is plastic, you can use it as a makeshift ice holder.

Give Them To Your Chicken-Owning Friends

This can be a great gift, provided that they’re not hoarding egg cartons. Then you’ll just be enabling them.

Gift Basket

You can transform your old egg cartons into little gift baskets and give them as presents. If you want, you can throw in some chocolate eggs.

If you found this article interesting and useful, share it with your family and friends and try one of these tricks out.