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How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair- Recipe for Homemade Cream

The desire of almost all women is to have soft legs and bikini zone and finely shaved and nourished beard is the wish of almost every man. However, the most common consequence of invasive depilation and improper shaving are ingrown hairs. This health and esthetic problem appears when the hair during the re- growing, changes its path and instead of going out to the skin surface it re grows backwards which leads to inflammation.

How to properly treat ingrown hair?

Ingrown hair is hair which curls and goes back in the follicle or hair which does not grow from the follicle and remains in the skin. The ingrown hair can appear on the face, neck, legs or any other body part. Usually, these are little irritations, but they can be painful and ugly. Moreover, if they are not treated, ingrown hair can become infected. Even though ingrown hair appears more in people with curly hair, almost every person will have at least sometimes one ingrown hair and if you shave regularly you may have ingrown hair very often. You have one now? Follow these instructions, get rid of them and do not let the ingrown hair reappear.

Make a pilling and rub the ingrown hair mildly. This will remove the dead cells from the skin, and also the dirt and fat that surround the ingrown hair. Moreover, it allows to the top of the ingrown hair to break through the skin. This effect can be achieved with a good piling, but do not exaggerate so that the surface around the hair does not start to bleed. Additionally, it is very difficult to remove ingrown hair under a scab. When you are not certain what you are doing, make a softer piling of the skin which will last a little bit longer. Try to affect the ingrown hair from different sides. Use a glove for piling.

-Apply a little cream against acne since ingrown hairs are very similar to pimples, especially when the ingrown hair is accompanied by pus. Apply hydrogen peroxide or salicylic acid few times per day during several days. Doing this, together with pilling will be enough to remove an ingrown hair since the swelling will vanish and the hair will have more place do grow (rather than to go back-in grow back in the skin).