How To Detox Your Liver For Better Health

Cleaning up all the toxins you put into your body, the liver acts as a “maid” for it. The main function of the liver is to keep all internal systems running smoothly. Our increasing dependence on toxic personal care products, the modern diet and environmental pollutants have put our livers on serious overtime.

What can you do about it?Well, you could try a quality liver detox supplement, or you could use some items found at your grocery store, your local health food storeor even some that are already in your kitchen. Here we present to you, how you can clean your liver with 5 common food items.

How To Naturally Detox Your Liver

Warm Lemon Water -a great way to detox your liver every single morning. Keep in mind, this isn’t lemonade, so be sure not to add sugar or some different artificial sweetener. Experts, like author A.F. Beddoe who wrote the book Biological Ionization as Applied to Human Nutrition,believe that the liver produces more enzymes in response to water with lemon than to any other food.

Garlic – Next time you make a salad, make sure you add a thinly sliced clove in it. Also, when cooking be sure to add some garlic. Garlic contains sulfur compounds that can help activate enzymes in the liver. Containing allicin and selenium, both of them are good for liver protection.

Avocados – A Japanese study found that avocados contain compounds that can protect the liver from damage. So there you go, yet another reason to add avocados to your diet. Avocados had the most promise in protecting the liver from galactosamine (when compared with 21 other fruits). Galactosamine is a “powerful” toxin that has been shown to produce a liver damage much like human viral hepatitis.

Cilantro – a versatile herb that can be added to just about any dish, such as salads or smoothies. Cilantrocan help remove heavy metals from the body. Who knows, your liver could be struggling with them right now.

Turmeric – a powerful spice with a long list of benefits. Not only does it protect the liver from damage, but also it encourages regeneration of liver cells. It also aids in keeping the body toxin-free and increases natural bile production.

Source:  Family Health Freedom Network