Home Remedy for Cleansing the Lymph Glands- The Most Effective Recipe

The healthy and natural way of how to clean the lymph. Learn how our ancestors cleaned theirlymph without the use of drugs oftoday’s modern medicine.

Natural medicine for cleaning the lymph system

Inner cleanliness is very important, especially the purity of the lymphatic system. And for that you may consider applying the following method.

Make a mixture of 900 grams of grapefruit juice, 900 grams of orange juice, 200 grams of lemon juice, 1 liter of frozen and then unfrozen water – this is the amount for one day.

Make an enema in the morning and then drink 2 tablespoons of Glauber’s salt dissolved in 100 grams of water. Then it is best to take a hot shower or go to a sauna. Then a great moisture loss will beginaccompaniedwith defecation, urine and sweating profusely. After 30 minutes drink 100 grams of the prepared juice. Drink the same amount of juice every 30 minutes, until you drink all 4 liters.

Repeat the procedure for three days in a row, do not eat or drink anything other than the juice you have prepared and salt solvent.

When you are finished with cleaning your body you should courageously get involved physical training like running or practicing gymnastics and gather new energy.