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Here Is How To Tighten Your Butt, Arms, Legs And Shoulders In Only Three Minutes (VIDEO)

Have you ever tried the so called plank exercise? It surely will not be your favorite exercise, but believe us this is one of the most efficient exercises. Namely this exercise will help you tighten your arms, legs, shoulders and butts. This exercise is ideal for women, and the secret is that you have to work all the series without getting any rest and each exercise needs to last for at least 30 seconds.

  1. Regular plank – 30 seconds
  2. Plank with lifted leg – 30 seconds.
  3. Side plank – 30 seconds on both sides.
  4. Regular plank – 30 seconds.
  5. Spiderman plank – 30 seconds.

You are probably asking yourself how to do these exercises. Well you can see all the details in the video below.

Video by: Bowflex