Here Is How To Prepare The Black Face Mask For Removing Blackheads (Video)

This Black Face Mask is very efficient when it comes to removing blackheads from your skin, which is why the whole world went crazy for it. On the Internet you can find many videos in which bloggers from all around the world are explaining to you how to prepare this mask in the comfort of your home. However one thing you need to know is that you must not try to prepare this mask at home.

Namely, for making this black masks you need a bit of coal powder and paper or wood glue. The idea is to mix these two ingredients, apply them on your face, wait for them to dry and then remove them.

And here is why you should not try to prepare this mask yourself. Namely as you previously saw for preparing this mask you will need a glue, thereby you cannot know what kind of glue will act good on your skin. What we are trying to say is that instead of removing the blackhead you can cause an even bigger problem.

Video by: Tasmin Dhaliwal