Here Is How Only A Cup Of Mushrooms Can Help You Fight Cancer And Vitamin D Deficiency And Improve The Work Of Your Thyroid Gland

Your thyroid and mushrooms

According to many researchers only a cup of mushrooms a day can improve the work of your thyroid gland. All mushrooms are full of essential nutrients and contain high levels of iodine, vitamin D and antioxidants.

In fact, according to one study, eating one cup of cooked mushrooms a day for a week, can increase sIgA secretion by 50 percent.

Mushrooms and Cancer

One of the most prominent agents for fighting cancer in mushrooms is selenium. According to many studies this mineral is very important for fighting cancer.

Mushrooms and Vitamin D

Did you know that mushrooms are the largest plant sources of vitamin D?

Adding mushrooms in your diet is also relatively easy and inexpensive.

You can even choose to add them in the form of supplements for even greater benefits with products such as beta-glucan, for example.

So, regardless of the way you choose your daily dose of mushroom, know that you’ve done a great thing for your body and your overall health.