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He Ate THIS For 18 Years In Order To Keep His Perfectly Sculpted Body

You have probably heard about Jason Statham, the famous actor and you can surely agree that he still has one of the most amazing male bodies on the planet. Many people are wondering what is his secret, how does he keep his perfectly shaped body. Well here in this article we will reveal his long kept secret. Namely one of the main reasons for his perfectly shaped muscles is his interest in sports. He was interested in sports since he was a child.

At this point you need to know that he played football and he was also part of the British national swimming team.

In addition, Jason practiced Kung Fu, karate, boxing and follows a strict diet and training regime. Also in one interview he said that 95% of the food that he consumes is healthy food, and the rest 5% is junk food that he eats from time to time.

According to Jason, it is crucial to avoid sugar and starch in the afternoon. A better option is to consume them in the morning, so that they can be burned throughout the day.

In a different interview, Jason discovered that he consumes muesli, fresh fruit and oatmeal or poached eggs for breakfast and his meals for lunch are strictly controlled.

He also claims that if you consume healthy food, you will feel and look much better. However it is crucial that you do not eat after 19 o’clock. He also added that the consumption of at least three liters of water a day and plenty of fruit juices is essential for good health.