Guaranteed Teeth Whitening Within A Week

It may sound disgusting and messy but this method has helped many people. Apparently active carbon is the only thing you need to whiten your teeth. The most powerful gift of nature, the charcoal, is proven to be very effective in the treatment of many health conditions stretching from dysentery to post-radiation effects.

Charcoal is a product of coal. To this state it undergoes different procedures, including a steam chamber. Charcoal later opens and increases its surface. That means charcoal is able to attract more ingredients. The use of it does not cause any side-effects in cases of acute poisoning.

How to whiten your teeth?

This method is very simple. Get some active carbon and crush it in a bowl. Take your toothbrush and using it apply the carbon on your teeth. Active carbon can be found in every pharmacy. Brush your teeth for about 3 to 4 minutes, as you do it normally and then rinse them nicely. The results will come after the very first application and after a week of regular application your teeth will be much whiter.

Source: Healthy Food Star