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Ginger Will Smoothen Your Skin, Reduce Cellulite And Mitigate The Damage Caused By Sunbathing

Ginger is known its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant and antiseptic effect. It’s also a natural stimulant that plays an important role in skin care.

The skin is one of our most important factors for youthfulness and beauty, our true anti-aging factor.

The need for better and more perfect skin is constantly growing, both for women and men.

More and more researches are being conducted on the effects of UV rays on the skin.

Excessive exposure to the sun accelerates the appearance of wrinkles, causes holes and makes the skin less airy.

After many questions and researches on what’s best for the skin, we found the answer – ginger.

This super root has been used for over 3000 years by the Chinese and Indians. It was their answer to skin care. Both for health and aesthetic benefits.

Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant and antiseptic effect.It’s also a natural stimulant that plays an important role in skin care.

It has been scientifically proven that ginger has anti-age effects in the cosmetic industry.

The world’s leading companies are trying this super root, in its natural form, to incorporate it into your skin care products.

The reason?

Ginger extract has managed the impossible. In just 3 weeks, it gives gloss to significantly “ironed out” skin.

It makes the skin airy, and makes the tan more consistent.

At the same time, in just 2 weeks, it can reduce the signs of damage caused by excessive exposure to the sun: dry, chapped skin, stains, and burns.

An additional advantage is that it “loves” every type of skin, regardless of age.

It Melts Fat And Protects Against Metabolic Syndrome

Did you know that ginger can help you lose weight and can prevent heart and blood vessel disease?

Ginger has anti-inflammatory and antihypertensive action, which makes it an ideal food for the metabolic syndrome.

A recent study conducted by researchers at the Institute of Human Nutrition, Columbia University (MS Mansour et al, April 2012), shows that a hot ginger drink operates at the speed of calorie consumption and the feeling of satiety.

The study was conducted in two control groups, containing obese men with metabolic syndrome risk.

The group that drank with a hot drink ginger with breakfast, had enhanced thermogenesis (increased body temperature, it’s necessary for more efficient burning of calories) and prolonged feeling of fullness than the other group, which didn’t use ginger.

This research points to the fact that ginger can be simple, practical and cost-effective in diets.

But it can also serve as an aid in the fight against cancer.

Studies have shown that 6-gingerol, stronger antioxidant than Vitamin E, which is responsible for the characteristic flavor of ginger, caused a reduction of tumor mass in mice that received it, as compared to mice that didn’t receive it.

It caused apoptosis in ovarian cancer, a programmed state of cell destruction, as well as autophagy, a condition in which cells digest themselves, or destroy themselves.

That’s why you should always have ginger in your kitchen.

Ginger – Pleasure And Medicine

This super root is another proof that the food in the 21st century has become a trend and pleasure, but also our medicine.

All we have to do is to choose our food carefully.

This is a powerful tool to create inner health and change outer appearance.

This has been recognized by the whole world, as the healthy food sector will grow to a whopping 1 trillion US dollars by 2017.

Profit related to a healthy lifestyle can be explained by the fact that most people take measures into their own hands to achieve good health.

Ginger can improve your health and quality of your skin during the summer. It can also correct any damage caused by excessive exposure to sun, water, sea and salt.

Although ginger is good for all, caution is recommended only for people who take blood thinners. Since ginger has the property of reducing blood clots, it can create and interaction with synthetic therapy.

How To Use Ginger

You can use it as a cold or hot drink, you can add it to sauces, soups, vegetable dishes and sweet dishes or use it for natural masks, scrubs and massage oils for the skin.

The Effect Of Ginger On Your Skin

  • Cellulite reduction;
  • Smooth skin;
  • Reduces inflammation;
  • Reduces wrinkles;
  • Melts fat;
  • Improves complexion;
  • Gives the skin a glow, softness and suppleness;
  • Good for all skin types.