Feng Shui For Your Health – Urgently Put This Under Your Bed

It’s advised to not keep anything under your bed, however there is one exception.

The space under the bed should be free, in order to have an open flow of energy to be channeled evenly all over your body during the night. A bunch of things you might keep under your bed creates a confusing energy that your unconscious mind absorbs while you sleep, which is very bad.

The only exception to the “anything under the bed” Feng shui rules. You can keep what is called a “treasure chest”.

It’s a specific Feng shui tool for transmitting certain desires and intentions, and to open our unconscious “me” capabilities for our wishes to come true.

The quality of the box is important, as this will cause higher or lower energy vibration. A sturdy cover gives a more secure and stable energy, and an open the box gives a more “open” type of energy. Both are equally perfect, and depends on what it is you want to manifest.

Before placing items in the box, ask yourself, “What will really make me happy?” The idea is to find objects that represent these happy feelings you want to attract in your life.

In the box, place objects that will encourage a certain desire to achieve in your life.If you want plenty of money, put various bills, gold jewelry, gold coins, jewels, gemstones, crystals in your box.

Avoid placing a stack of change. If you want to attract love, put natural scents, red candles, scented creams and oils in the box.

You’ll feel the energy impact of the box no matter where you put it under your bed, but the best place is below the navel. This way, you subtly”feed”the energy inside the box. The box should be reviewed and refreshed every three months.